You Can Now Go Funko Yourself!

Author: Davey Boys Toys   Date Posted:10 July 2017 

Funko fans, rejoice! The company behind your favourite collectible figures are now letting you create a Pop! a version of yourself with  Pop! Yourself. As Funko’s website states, the new digital experience will change the way we interact with Funko and other Funko fanatics.
The new tool allows users to create a digital avatar that will represent their online profiles across all Funko’s digital channels, such as the website and apps. It’s still in Beta version, so the features are limited. Nevertheless, Funko aims to add more features soon. With Pop! Yourself, you can create over 1 million unique combinations of hair, eyebrows, apparel, and accessories to craft your virtual, Funko-fied self. It’s a fun way to know how you’d look like as a Pop!
It would be amazing if we can also get an actual Pop! made from our digital avatars to dominate the other figures in our collection. We would absolutely pay for something like that to happen! However, it seems that this is not yet offered on the website. We’re still optimistic that something like that has to be somewhere on the horizon, considering Funko’s reputation in creating Pop! versions of every pop icon we know. Just look at the effort and detail they put into these digital avatars.
What do you think about this new tool? Will there be a time that you can get your hands on a physical Pop! a version of yourself? Let’s discuss the possibilities below!

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