Badass Female Comic Book Superheroes Who Deserve their Own Solo Film

Author: Davey Boys Toys   Date Posted:17 July 2017 

If you take a closer look at how the box office performs these days, you’d realize that superhero movies are one franchise that just keeps on raking in a lot of moolah each year. For the past decade, these movies have fuelled our lust for action and a lot of major production studios have thrown huge sums of cash just to produce one hit after another.

Majority of these must-see movies is plucked out of popular comic book franchises. These franchises have claimed dominance not just on the silver screen, but as well as on television and online streaming services. However, the only damning thing about this is the fact that they are all led by male characters.

It begs the question; why not focus on female comic book characters as well? Don’t most of these women have rich background stories to guide the plot, too?

While Marvel did attempt to immortalise Elektra on the silver screen, it proved to be a disaster. It might be the reason Marvel never tried to do more female superhero movies ever again these past few years. Just recently, Marvel announced that the studio will be giving Captain Marvel her own solo flick, but that remains to be seen.

DC, on the other hand, garnered the critics’ praises because of Wonder Woman. The female-led film is a large box office wonder, giving us a taste of how a superhero movie should be made with a woman taking the reins.

With Wonder Woman’s success and female fatale on the rise, it’s worth visiting our comic books and point out a couple of female characters who could truly smash their own movies.



I have yet to see a little girl who has sheer blood-lust and savagery like Hit-Girl. When I think about little female comic book characters, I always put this mini death machine in the extreme spectrum alongside X-23. While I consider X-23’s fighting technique as savage, she’s actually a very peace-loving character and only goes into a killing spree when her hand is forced, unlike Hit-Girl who barges at every killing opportunity.

The last time we saw Mindy was in Kick Ass 2 where she let go of her Hit-Girl persona to pursue a new life. This would be a great opportunity to open her story once again with a solo movie- perhaps following her post crime-fighting life only to be resurrected by something worthy of her other persona’s attention.



One of the most popular female comic book characters is Mystique. This character has a complex backstory all of her own that can be made into a full-length feature. For one, a lot of people know that she’s Nightcrawler’s biological mother in the comics. In the movie, we’ve seen Mystique recruiting Nightcrawler after a forced cage fight. That made us wonder why she took an interest in him in the first place. Because of the character’s many ties, she has appeared in every X-Men film except X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, Deadpool, and Logan.



We’ve got the chance to know the goddess of lightning’s origin in X-Men: Apocalypse; however, fans weren’t that much happy of how that went. Given her high profile in the franchise, we expected a bigger and more interesting origin story. One reason producers gave her a new origin story is that her past actually involved T’Challa, the Black Panther, which Marvel Studios own the rights. This could be a great opportunity for 20th Century Fox to give the audience a more in-depth look at Storm’s life in an electrifying movie. Much like Logan, Storm is also a close ally to Charles Xavier. Movie producers could have him as the female lead’s supporting character.



Marvel fans have been clamoring for a solo Black Widow film until now. Not so long ago, Kevin Feige and the rest of Marvel Studios seemed to refuse to commit to making it a reality. Fans are left scratching their heads and asking the reason why the MCU is still tepid about it. Marvel has already announced a Captain Marvel movie out of nowhere and here we are still Widow-less.

Black Widow is a great character, and has a lot of amazing stories to tell. Marvel could give her a chance to be in a spy-focused superhero film, where she’ll be able to display her stealth and combat skills. We reckon it would be nothing like we’ve seen before in any Marvel movie to date.



I personally can’t wait for a Jean Grey movie. X-Men: Apocalypse has already set up the stage for Dark Phoenix, an upcoming movie saga following the corruption of a cosmic entity (the Phoenix Force) in Jean’s body. We’ve already witnessed how Jean struggled to control her insurmountable powers and we would love to see more of that struggle in future movies. Sophie Turner will again find herself wielding cosmically potent psychic powers when X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens in theaters on the 2nd of November 2018.

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